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Frankie Henderson is an experienced dance performer, choreographer, and teacher dedicated to cultivating a community culture centered on independent critical thinking and rigorous physical movement. With a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of California, Irvine, Frankie's research interests include dance science and cross-training methods for dance education.

Frankie’s pedagogical methods are rooted in critical pedagogy, emphasizing equity and inclusion. Her diverse movement practices encompass classical modern techniques, various contemporary styles, jazz, tap, and hip hop. She specializes in floorwork techniques inspired by Capoeira, soft acrobatics, flying low, and Break Dancing.

Frankie has a rich professional background, including teaching as faculty at Rio Hondo College and graduate teaching at the University of California, Irvine. In addition to her MFA, Frankie holds certifications such as CrossFit L1 and Precision Nutrition L1.

Her choreography centers on the strength of the female form, with her thesis work challenging and expanding definitions of femininity and integrating strength into feminine embodiments. While her work can be appreciated abstractly, Frankie also creates dances that directly address complex gender issues and feminist ideation. She is known for her purposeful work, unafraid to tackle provocative questions of sexual identity and social norms, often using parody, wit, and irony to balance the seriousness of her subjects.

Frankie strives to bring her dancers' stories to life by empathizing with their individuality and collaborating with their unique thoughts and experiences, creating powerful and resonant performances.


Labeled Package

Labeled Package is an original creation, choreographed and performed by myself. It was made to reflect societal gender norms regarding femininity and masculinity shared between both sexes, hoping to reveal that one does not dictate the other. 

Labeled Package premiered on November 7th, 2019, and was selected to be adjudicated at the American College Dance Association, where it was selected for Nationals 2020 and considered for Jacobs Pillow 2020. Labeled Package has since been selected for the Contemporary Dance Choreography Festival. 


Critics Review:

"Subtly poking at gender norms through iconic gestural movement choices, forceful interactions, and equitable costume choices, this duet was performed by a pair of captivating and powerful dancers. Supported by the use of a simple and focused set, the intensity of their performance, as they peeled away their suit coats and moved masterfully through intricate partnering sequences, fostered a sense of both rivalry and interdependence. With its rich range of layers, Labeled Package told viewers much about this relationship while leaving ample space for audience imagination and interpretation." - Christopher Morgan, James Sutton, and Kehindie Ishangi.




A 25-minute performance showcasing the culmination of an 8-week intervention study designed to improve the strength, cardiovascular function, and execution of contemporary floorwork for UCI dance majors. This research study introduced supplemental fitness training three days a week for eight weeks as part of the dancers' weekly regimen. The primary objective was to assess any improvements in their strength, speed, balance, power, and endurance. The data indicated that the study successfully enhanced dancers' strength, aerobic capacity, and proficiency in contemporary floorwork movement execution.

Cast: Ari Pulido, Barbara Dos Reis, Bella Lara, Maggie Liang, Mia Marino, Naomi Sagen, Yinqi Wang


Graduate Dance Showcase at the University of California, Irvine


Selected for the Beta Arts Festival



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